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The Best Beach in Kauai

Located right outside your front door of the Anini Beach House is Anini Beach, one of the best beaches in all of Hawaii! Anini beach goes for miles along a coastline protected by an extensive offshore reef. It is well known as one of the safest and most protected beaches along the North Shore, in other words great for children! This is because of a 2 mile long fringed reef runs the length of beach and is Hawaii's longest reef. Because of the unique conditions Anini Beach usually has well protected waters and some of the most consistent conditions for water activities. Enjoy snorkeling, beach walks, picnicking, paddle boarding and wind surfing.

World famous beach filled with activities

Hanalei means "lei-shaped bay," a fitting description of this almost perfectly circular bay. With over two miles of clean, white sand bordering its inner margin and a backdrop of waterfalls and mountains peaks ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 feet high, Hanalei Bay is considered by many visitors and residents to be the most beautiful beach setting in Hawai'i. One of the best views of the beach is from the Princeville Resort, located on the bluff above the east point of the bay. In addition to its beauty, Hanalei Bay offers just about every ocean recreation activity in the islands, from boating to windsurfing. During periods of high surf, if you are not an expert bodyboarder or surfer, you can still kayak through the solitude of the taro fields along the Hanalei River.



Beautiful, unspoiled and rugged

Kauai’s famous coastline is truly majestic, featuring emerald green pinnacles towering along the shoreline for 17-miles. Located on the North Shore of Kauai, the Napali Coast features panoramic views of the vast Pacific Ocean, velvet green cliffs and cascading waterfalls plummeting into deep, narrow valleys. The rugged terrain appears much as it did centuries ago when Hawaiian settlements flourished in these valleys existing only on the food they could grow and the fish they could catch. The only land access to this enchanted area is via the Kalalau Trail, an 11-mile trail that starts at Kee Beach, crosses five different valleys and ends at secluded Kalalau Beach. Non-hikers can enjoy the amazing scenery of the Napali Coast. Boat tours depart from Port Allen on the West Side and during the summer months, guided kayaking trips can give you access to awe-inspiring views of the sea cliffs, while air tours can show you scenic Napali areas that aren't accessible by land or water. Replenish your spirit and experience the breathtaking panoramas of the Napali Coast.

The Grand Canyon of the Pacific!

Waimea Canyon, on Kauai's West Side, is described as "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Although not as big or as old as its Arizona cousin, you won’t encounter anything like this geological wonder in Hawaii. Stretching 14 miles long, one mile wide and more than 3,600 feet deep, the Waimea Canyon Lookout provides panoramic views of crested buttes, rugged crags and deep valley gorges. The grand inland vistas go on for miles. The main road, Waimea Canyon Drive, leads you to a lower lookout point and the main Waimea Canyon Overlook, offering views of Kauai's dramatic interior. The road continues into the mountains and ends at Kokee State Park. There are numerous trails to traverse for beginners and seasoned hikers.



A beautiful way to get to know Hawaiian and tropical plants!

Princeville Botanical Gardens is a private garden containing many native species of Hawaiian plants and trees. Tours are given three days per week and reservations are required. They make their own honey and chocolate. For more information click the button below

An easy and beautiful ride!

Flat roads and a lack of big hills make the Ke Ala Hele Makalae trail a leisurely bike ride along parts of Kauai’s east shore. The shared-use path stretching along the eastern coast of Kauai was completed in 2009. Ke Ala Hele Makalae is Hawaiian for “The Path that Goes by the Coast.” Visitors can now walk, bike or run 4.1 miles between the Lihi Boat Ramp in central Kapaa and Ahihi Point in Kealia, as well as bike through 2.5 miles through Lydgate Park. When fully complete, Ke Ala Hele Makalae will create an uninterrupted bridge between Anahola in the north to Nawiliwili in the south, perfect for biking.



An amazing and challenging hike!

The Kalalau Valley is located in the Na Pali Coast State Park and houses the beautiful Kalalau Beach. This famous northwest coast is as dramatic as it is intimidating, with most visitors settling for an inspiring sailing to take in the view, snorkel and whale watch. The only legal ways to access the valley – with its 2,000-foot cliffs - are by kayak or by hiking the very difficult 11-mile Kalalau Trail. The area’s designation as a state park forbids any one from residing there. Access to the lush Kalalau Valley is controlled in the name of conservation with a limited number of permits issued for camping at Kalalau Beach every year. Anyone wishing to hike beyond Hanak’ai Valley must have a permit for staying in Kalalau Valley overnight. The isolated, pristine beauty of the area is enticing and awe-inspiring. Polihale, an uncommonly beautiful beach, is framed by the cliffs at the west edge of the Na Pali Coast. Isolated and other-worldly, the beach hugs the shore below steep mounds of blazing sand dunes.

Amazing Kauai Island produce

Kauai has a wide array of Farmers Markets that provide the freshest vegetables and fruits Due to the rich volcanic soil, large rainfall and sunshine, Kauai produces the largest and best tasting veggies and fruits found anywhere Also experience new kinds of tropical fruits rarely found anywhere else For a link to the farmers markets on Kauai click the button below



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